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microsoft business retail Phil Spencer says Xbox is not dropping physical media
Xbox head Phil Spencer has clarified that Microsoft will continue to support physical media.
PS4 PS5 PC Little Devil Inside Re-Emerges With Stunning New Gameplay Trailer
Over two years since gameplay was last revealed, Neostream’sLittle Devil Inside has received an extensive new trailer. It sees the protagonist, Billy, traversing through the countryside to Blackwood Forest. Check it out below.
game release COST online DLC trailer information Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree release date might have just been leaked
The first Elden Ring DLC trailer will drop later today, but the release date for Shadow of the Erdtree might have already leaked online. 
competition Apple Smartphones WhatsApp reports Features Next Apple iPhone SE may feature an OLED screen; know likely launch date
Apple enthusiasts anticipating the next budget-friendly Apple iPhone SE may have to be very patient. In fact, the iPhone SE launch may not happen until 2025, reports suggest. While previous iterations of the iPhone SE were launched in 2020 and 2022, the Cupertino-based tech giant seems poised to skip a year before unveiling its next affordable iPhone.
performer Mobile Digital platform OnePlus Features Provident Top 7 OnePlus 256GB Smartphones: Unleashing Power and Storage
OnePlus is a stalwart, consistently pushing boundaries and redefining user expectations of their mobile experience. OnePlus 256GB smartphones offer a collection that seamlessly merges formidable power and expansive storage.
Apple Apple Watch WhatsApp shock UPS Man Man buys Apple Watch SE to be 'cool', it ends up saving his life! Know how to turn on this feature
Time and again, Apple Watches have come to the rescue of their wearer by alerting them of abnormal health conditions. These health anomalies have often turned out to be life-threatening issues upon further checkups. Just a few days ago, an Apple Watch saved the life of a South Carolina resident by alerting him to a sudden beginning of atrial fibrillation (AFib). Now, in yet another incident, another life has been saved courtesy of the Apple Watch. Know what happened.
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release setting trailer Dreams Xbox Features Wellness Dead by Daylight All Things Wicked set to release next month featuring original Killer, Survivor, and Map
Behaviour Interactive revealed today the newest chapter for Dead by Daylight titled All Things Wicked. The new chapter will release on March 12, 2024 and feature an all-new original Killer, Survivor, and Map. A quaint small town, Greenville, has undergone a string of recent disappearances while local legend speaks of a sinister and deadly history that may be the culprit.
game gameplay review trade FIVE Review: Pacific Drive
When I previewed Pacific Drive, the standout moment for me was when, in a novice moment, I found myself driving through the hellstorm of reality’s collapse. As my car fell apart around me and my health was about to hit 0%, I managed to make it to the gateway and got shunted back to the safety of the garage.
game survival Mobile Android Gaming News Updates Citi MY.GAMES’ mobile survival simulator Zero City introduces brand new ‘Colossi’ feature
MY.GAMES, a prominent European video game developer and publisher, has unveiled an exciting update for its mobile RPG survival strategy title, Zero City. The latest patch introduces a significant addition to the game: the Colossi. These are a group of fighters that players can recruit to bolster their efforts against the relentless zombie horde.
game developer love Updates Kazumasa Habu no longer producer of Digimon games; next Digimon Story game still underway
Kazumasa Habu is no longer the producer of Digimon games at Bandai Namco, he announced.
game gameplay stage performer adventure UPS Princess Peach: Showtime! Preview – Take your seats for tonight’s performance
Once again Peach takes to the stage as the hero of her own tale, and this time there are no tears or tantrums to be seen! Ahead of its release on 22nd March, I had the immense pleasure of going hands on with a few levels from Princess Peach: Showtime!
game release mission patch UPS Updates Target Helldivers 2 update 1.000.10 targets Quickplay fix and extract civilian mission difficulty
Arrowhead Game Studios has released the first patch of the week for Helldivers 2, once again looking to patch up some crashes and improve the game’s embattled servers to help with Quickplay matchmaking, capacity and more. As always, though, the game servers are totally filled, with the now familiar “Severs at capacity. Please try again later.” error.

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