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Review: Ufouria: The Saga 2 -
28.02.2024 / 14:41

Review: Ufouria: The Saga 2

With Sunsoft working on their rather strange revival, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that they’d eventually get around to Hebereke. It was probably the company’s most prolific game series, after all, stretching across several games throughout the ‘90s.

Review: Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster -
28.02.2024 / 13:18

Review: Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster

Star Wars has always been big news, but now it’s just one of the many blobs that are trying to slather themselves over every inch of the media landscape and suck the time right out of us. A long time ago, it used to feel like it belonged to the fans.

FF7 Rebirth review round-up: What do the critics say? - - Washington - Jordan
28.02.2024 / 11:37

FF7 Rebirth review round-up: What do the critics say?

Almost four years since returning to Midgar, Cloud, Tifa, Barret and Aerith are set to journey out into the vast open world of Gaia in the highly anticipated sequel, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Ultros Review -
28.02.2024 / 06:09

Ultros Review

In this world of huge divides between retro-influenced pixel graphics and AAA visual fidelity, it can take a lot for a game’s aesthetics to really stand out. Ultros absolutely does, however, with a palette that offers up more colour than a Dulux swatch book and an art style that would fit perfectly with a 1970s prog rock album.

Review: Tekken 8 – A Nostalgic Hit -
27.02.2024 / 20:43

Review: Tekken 8 – A Nostalgic Hit

The release of Tekken 8 is a nostalgic hit. I recall spending hours of gameplay as a kid after being absolutely blown away by the game when it first launched on PlayStation all those years ago. It delivered insane excitement and was the envy of my brother, and even now, we often reminisce about how he cheated when he could never beat me. As the reigning champ in the family, I naturally had to test my skills with the new Tekken 8.

Slave Zero X Review - - Usa
27.02.2024 / 16:51

Slave Zero X Review

Games that pitch themselves as challenging experiences are a common occurrence these days, and Slave Zero X is one of them. Within that challenge, though, there has to be balance and a way for players to overcome them, combining growing player skill with levelling up, better equipment and more. At times Slave Zero X walks that tightrope, but at other time it feels so grossly imbalanced that all sense of any fun trying to beat the challenge is taken out of it.

Footprints Review -
26.02.2024 / 17:13

Footprints Review

We review Footprints, a hand management and racing game published by Chilifox Games. In Footprints, you play as a prehistoric tribe tying to survive and make your way.

Silicon Valley Review - - San Francisco
26.02.2024 / 17:13

Silicon Valley Review

We review Silicon Valley, an economic board game published by Grail Games. In Silicon Valley, players are trying to run the most successful startup in the valley.

PlayStation Portal Review – A PS5 In Your Hands? -
26.02.2024 / 10:05

PlayStation Portal Review – A PS5 In Your Hands?

Firstly, let me be honest. Like 99% of gamers out there, I was convinced that the PlayStation Portal (Project Q, as it was once named) was just a clever money grab. I mean, why would players need a device that connects to their PS5 via WI-FI while they are out and about? We wanted a PS Vita 2 and not a glamourised tablet connected to a PlayStation 5 controller, right? Well, I’ll be the first to admit I was dead wrong. The PlayStation Portal is a lot more than a clever gimmick. It’s an innovative new way to play your favourite games while on the move. Let me explain.

Dicefolk Review -
25.02.2024 / 19:13

Dicefolk Review

Dicefolk is an incredibly cool roguelike, but I don’t think it makes a great first impression. Upon booting the game up and jumping into your first run, you’re presented with the adorable art style, sure, but the first turn of combat simply presents you with some dice and three little dudes. It’s all a bit baffling, but there’s something special here once you learn what it all means.

Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island Review - - Britain - Japan
25.02.2024 / 19:13

Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island Review

I owe you an apology, mister Shiren the Wanderer, because I wasn’t really familiar with your game before now. Sure, I’ve played a few mystery dungeon games in my time – your Pokémon Mystery Dungeons, and your Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy!, but while I liked them, they never really got their claws into me. Even with my growing urges to play roguelikes, I never found myself a good enough reason to dip into the franchise that started it all until now, with Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island. I’m so happy I did, because it’s my new roguelike obsession, and the game that finally made mystery dungeons click for me.

Tamashii: Chronicles of Ascend Review -
20.02.2024 / 14:37

Tamashii: Chronicles of Ascend Review

We review Tamashii: Chronicles of Ascend, a cooperative exploration and combat game published by Awaken Realms. If you love the cyberpunk theme, then this one is worth checking out.

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