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Christopher Coke
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Questyle M15i Portable Balanced DAC and Amp Review -
19.03.2024 / 14:16

Questyle M15i Portable Balanced DAC and Amp Review

One of our absolute favorite portable DAC/amps just got an update. The Questyle M15i brings the same great sound with improved specs, higher resolution audio, and Apple MFi certification for compatibility with Mac and iOS devices. It’s a refresh rather than a whole new release but that doesn’t stop it from offering superior sound for its $249 cost of entry.

Awekeys Copper Eagle Metal Keycap Set Review -
19.03.2024 / 14:16

Awekeys Copper Eagle Metal Keycap Set Review

Awekeys, makers of recycled metal keycaps, just unveiled its latest set, the Copper Eagle. Made in collaboration with fan and designer, Daniel Mitchell, this set is plated in real copper and is downright gorgeous. With coverage for many layouts, including Alice and Tsangan with their respective add-on kits, this is a set that provides a unique, and uniquely pretty, upgrade to your mechanical keyboard. It’s also a one-stop-shop for instant thock, so if sound enhancement is what you’re after, look no further.

Razer Iskur V2 Gaming Chair Review -
19.03.2024 / 14:15

Razer Iskur V2 Gaming Chair Review

I’ve got a ton of gaming chairs in my house. Probably too many at this point. I’m fairly certain my family is tired of dancing around them in our small office space. 

Angry Miao R4 Graffiti Review -
19.03.2024 / 14:15

Angry Miao R4 Graffiti Review

Angry Miao has existed at the intersection of art and mechanical keyboards since its inception. Its hallmark product is the Cyberboard and it has gone through multiple iterations over the years. In fact, we’ve reviewed it here in the past and were impressed at its uniqueness and innovation. 

Earfun Free Pro 3 Review -
19.03.2024 / 14:15

Earfun Free Pro 3 Review

Earfun has developed a reputation for delivering solid earbuds for affordable prices. The Earfun Free Pro 3 is its latest swing at a budget-friendly flagship, offering powerful ANC, good battery life, and a customizable sound. At $79.99, they’re a good value and a solid pick that won’t strain your wallet.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra and Xiaomi Watch S3 Review -
19.03.2024 / 14:15

Xiaomi 14 Ultra and Xiaomi Watch S3 Review

Xiaomi is one of the biggest smartphone brands in the world and its Ultra series of smartphones have existed in the cutting edge. Over the last few years, its placed a heavy emphasis on content creation with impressive camera systems and top-tier specs. This year’s model is its most impressive yet, featuring 8K video capability, four 50MP cameras with some smart tweaks and AI enhancements and Sony’s latest 1-inch mobile camera sensor and Leica optics. It also has the latest and greatest specs for exceptional performance. Starting at $999, it competes with the best smartphones available today and is surprisingly affordable in comparison.

Exploring Linsoul IEMs, Quick-Hit Reviews: Yanyin Canon II, Simphonio P20, Kiwi Ears Forteza, Simgot EA500LM -
08.03.2024 / 18:07

Exploring Linsoul IEMs, Quick-Hit Reviews: Yanyin Canon II, Simphonio P20, Kiwi Ears Forteza, Simgot EA500LM

Welcome back to another edition of Exploring Linsoul IEMs, where we present a selection of IEMs in quick-hit review format, getting you the information you need to know quickly, courtesy of Linsoul. Today, we’re looking at two budget sets, one mid-range set, and another from the upper mid-range: the Simgot EA500LM, Kiwi Ears Forteza, Shozy P20, and the Yanyin Canon II. If you’re looking for the brass tacks of what’s worth your audio upgrade dollars, look no further. You’ve come to the right place. 

Logitech MX Brio Review -
07.03.2024 / 17:52

Logitech MX Brio Review

Logitech’s MX series is known for delivering high-quality peripherals with features for creatives and professionals. Its Brio line has officially joined with MX bringing us, for the first time, the Logitech MX Brio. It offers a crisp 4K resolution, exceptional, DSLR-like image controls, beamforming microphones, and great low-light performance. The best part? It’s also one of the most affordable webcams of its kind. 

Steelcase Gesture Review: Worth Every Penny -
05.03.2024 / 22:31

Steelcase Gesture Review: Worth Every Penny

When it comes to seating, few names are as widely known and respected as Steelcase. It has been in business for more than 100 years and has released iconic pieces of furniture, such as the Steelcase Leap, a staple recommendation for chair shoppers and a staple ergonomic chair in offices around the world. Today, we’re looking at the company’s flagship, the Steelcase Gesture. It’s an ergonomic chair that’s perfect for long hours at the PC and one of the best gaming chairs — nay, chairs in general — we’ve ever experienced. It’s expensive but worth every penny.

Keysme Mars 03 Custom Keyboard Kit Review -
05.03.2024 / 22:31

Keysme Mars 03 Custom Keyboard Kit Review

The Keysme Mars 03 is one of the most unique mechanical keyboards I’ve ever seen. Themed after space exploration, its appearance is equal parts spaceship and custom mechanical keyboard. With a fully aluminum chassis and some of the best attention to detail I’ve encountered, there’s nothing else like it. It also offers a great typing and gaming experience thanks to its smart design, pre-lubed switches, and tri-mode wireless connectivity. At $330, it’s middle of the road for custom keyboard pricing but is more than a little original. 

Celest Plutus Beast Review: Bone Conduction on a Budget -
05.03.2024 / 22:30

Celest Plutus Beast Review: Bone Conduction on a Budget

At only $89, the Celest Plutus Beast offers a lot for the money. It uses a unique tribrid design consisting of an unlikely trio: one balanced armature, one bone conduction driver, and full-range square planar driver.  We would expect these drivers at a higher price point, but the Plutus Beast seems designed to act as a gateway drug to the IEM hobby and Celeste/Kinera’s wider line-up. It’s a good value and a better listen for music and gaming alike. 

Epomaker Brick 87 Review -
05.03.2024 / 22:29

Epomaker Brick 87 Review

It’s a week of unique keyboards here at MMORPG and we have another for you today! The Epomaker Brick 87 allows you to build on it with LEGOs to make it truly unique. It also offers hot-swappable switches, smooth switches, and tri-mode wireless connectivity for an enhanced typing and gaming experience. It has some areas for improvement but is a decent option for LEGO fans.

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